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Models by starlight

Models by starlight | Mobile Photography |

"The idea was to find a position for the models to pose, and then attempt to shoot the entire shot with one 30 second exposure, lighting the model with a short burst of light from a softbox, and then exposing the rest of the shot for the Milky Way and the stars."

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Kaveh Kardan is a photographer who recently decided to take photos of models in front of against the backdrop of the universe to give his photos an extra touch of uniqueness. The results are pretty breathtaking.

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Aurora Borealis Time-Lapse Photographed Through an Airplane Window

Aurora Borealis Time-Lapse Photographed Through an Airplane Window | Mobile Photography |

"Who says you need to travel to exotic locations to capture the aurora borealis in action? Sometimes, all you need is a window seat on a trans-Atlantic flight from London to NYC — at least that’s what happened for one lucky amateur photographer recently when he was treated to one heck of an ‘in-flight movie‘ right outside his airplane window."

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If you've ever had the rare chance of seeing aurora borealis in person, then you know mesmerizing of an experience it is. This article captures the spectacular light show from the perspective of a jetliner passenger. Check it out.

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Astronaut artist creates rainbow 'painting' on the ISS

Astronaut artist creates rainbow 'painting' on the ISS | Mobile Photography |
Japanese astronaut Koichi Wakata used a slow shutter speed on his camera to capture the top's spiralling movement aboard the International Space Station.
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When astronauts aren't doing groundbreaking research on the International Space Station, they like to take pictures of cool stuff. Stuff like light spinning in an anti-gravity environment. Why? Because it looks cool, that's why. Just take a look at some of these pictures.

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