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2013: The Year in Photo Apps | iPhone.AppStorm

2013: The Year in Photo Apps | iPhone.AppStorm | Mobile Photography |
Everyone enjoys taking pictures, as taking a photo is how many choose to capture a moment or memory in digital form. The iPhone — and, by extension, iOS as a platform — has quickly become one of the most popular ways to take these photos. Apple has included industry-leading optics in their devices since the iPhone 4. More importantly, Apple has focused on the software side of their solution, making a solution where tech specs take a back seat to the processing techniques in iOS. Let’s take a look back at the year through the lens (pun intended) of photography.
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It's officially 2014, and what better way to start the year than with a look at how far smartphone photography has come in the past year. This article offers some valuable insight into the photo apps, hardware, and software that changed the way we captured photos in 2013.

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Apps that zap zits, whiten teeth and airbrush to ‘perfection’

Apps that zap zits, whiten teeth and airbrush to ‘perfection’ | Mobile Photography |

"A new breed of photo editing app, including Pixtr (pictured), is gaining popularity as people seek to digitally doctor their selfies so that they can look better online.

While photo retouching technology has long been available in expensive computer packages and used in fashion magazines, the rise of free photo editing apps has enabled more people to make their selfies picture perfect."

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If you've ever wanted to airbrush your photos, this article will show you some popular airbrush apps you can use to turn your regular pictures into magazine-worthy images. Whether you're trying make your selfies look better or want to enhance your facial features, these apps will let you do just that.

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