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The Magic of Natural Light: Twilight

The Magic of Natural Light: Twilight | Mobile Photography |

Twilight, the transition between night and day, is an edge. While the low light levels can be technically challenging, the reward in terms of quality of light are well worth it. I think of it as the ‘magic hour’. You may also see it referred to as the blue hour, a reference to the colour of the ambient light as night falls.

The duration depends on your distance from the equator. In the tropics night falls very fast and twilight is short. Go far enough north (or south) in the summer and it can last for over an hour.

Kitty Fisher's insight:

Forget the artifical light, take on the natural wonders that the daylight has to offer. From purple and red to the twilight hour that enchants us with blues and greens. Take a journey through the magic of natural light.

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School Of Digital Photography: 20 Common DSLR Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

School Of Digital Photography: 20 Common DSLR Mistakes and How to Avoid Them | Mobile Photography |

DSLR is the short form for digital single lens reflector camera; it is the most versatile tool for capturing images as per your perspective. It is capable of adapting to almost any shooting conditions for enhancing the quality of the image. A DSLR is a natural path for amateurs to get graduated in to professional photography. A step up from a simple compact camera to one that allows the use of interchangeable lenses and an assortment of accessories for complete control as per the scene can be quite daunting.

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