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Urban photography: how to blur people in busy city scenes @ Weeder

Urban photography: how to blur people in busy city scenes @ Weeder | Mobile Photography |

A great way to add drama to your urban photography is to add motion blur to pictures of busy city scenes. In this tutorial we’ll show you how to set up your camera and use an ND filter to allow you to use a slow enough shutter speed to do so.

Kitty Fisher's insight:

Busy street scenes means encasing that rush and hurry that tends to miss out in the photograph itself. Unless that is, if you slow down your DSLR. Knowing when to add the blur in will dominate how you want your image to be received.

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Special Effects Film for a Digital World @ Weeder

Special Effects Film for a Digital World @ Weeder | Mobile Photography |
Special Effects Film for a Digital World

The brain child of Michael Krebs and Hannah Pribitzer, Revolog is a unique company providing a unique service in what many consider a dying art: film. I still shoot film on occasion, just to mix things up creatively. I stumbled upon Revolog a few years ago, and fell in love with their product and their passion for film. Revolog produces and sells “special effects” film. From films that are pre-exposed with various textures like streaks, scratches, and even lightning bolts. To films that are tuned for different wavelengths of light, Revolog definitely produces the most unique films on the market.

So how did Revolog come about?

Revolog came into life as our diploma project in school. Michael and I both studied photography in Vienna and as part of our graduation we had to work on a photographic project. We didn’t plan to create a company. Michael’s idea for the project was rather focused on research on how to artificially make films that look aged. I was always an analog enthusiast and joined the project in it’s initial phase. We tried all kinds of techniques and took a lot of test pictures, which then led to the idea to work on the project commercially as we had a lot of other students come up to us, telling us that they would love to buy a film like this. We loved the idea to give other people, who might not have the knowledge or time to experiment on film, the possibility to experience the fun of taking pictures with manipulated films.

Kitty Fisher's insight:

Revolog is the revamping of film, or at least special effects film. The physical representation of what it means to have a dying art come back to life. Out of their ideas they ended up creating a company, making those digital arts a physical element.

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