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Mastering the Art of Depth Creation @ Weeder

Mastering the Art of Depth Creation @ Weeder | Mobile Photography |

In the simplest terms, photography is a method of duplicating reality. While you cannot change reality, you can present it in the best way possible. Though you are duplicating reality, you can present your subjects in a way that tells a story.

Kitty Fisher's insight:

Depth of field is something you'll learn early on. Sometimes it happens by accident and then other times you make it happen. However in this tutorial, you'll learn to use depth in another sense of the word. 

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Double Exposure Photography: 50+ Examples and Tutorials

Double Exposure Photography: 50+ Examples and Tutorials | Mobile Photography |

With double exposure technique, you can create certain effect like ghost image, mirror image, or simply merging a bright moon into the dark, lonely sky. The reason of using this technique varies, but they are surely created for same purposes – beauty and uniqueness.

Sounds theoretical? Alright, check out these 50+ photographs and tutorials below to see what double exposure is really capable of. Some of them are even more beautiful than their original form, and some of them are even incredible that might trick you to think there are manipulation works! You heard about two are better than one, and now your eyes will witness the teaching.

Kitty Fisher's insight:

Double images, I've heard about that and attempted with film, but never with digital. Not only do these various images give you some inspiration but they also give you the insight of what two images could compliment one another or simply creating a rather stunning effect.

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Understanding Depth of Field in Photography

Understanding Depth of Field in Photography | Mobile Photography |

Depth of field refers to the range of distance that appears acceptably sharp. It varies depending on camera type, aperture and focusing distance, although print size and viewing distance can also influence our perception of depth of field. This tutorial is designed to give a better intuitive and technical understanding for photography, and provides a depth of field calculator to show how it varies with your camera settings.

Kitty Fisher's insight:

Understanding depth of field is in Photography 101, but this tutorial brushes up on controlling just exactly, what you want in your photograph to be sharp and the background to be in soft focus.

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Creating an Editorial Portrait of an Artist – Photography – Tuts+

Creating an Editorial Portrait of an Artist – Photography – Tuts+ | Mobile Photography |
Shooting a portrait of an artist has been a common assignment in photography classes for decades. It's also a common task for editorial photographers. I recently met up with painter Emily Brandehoff for a run-and-gun style photo shoot.
Kitty Fisher's insight:

This is the all time classic assignment, for any photographer. Shooting a portrait of an artist. It has been going on for years, it's almost a right of passage. Creating an editorial can be a breaking point for you as well as the artist.

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Blur in Focus

Blur in Focus | Mobile Photography |

Motion Blur, Panning, Camera Blur and Long Exposure Photography Explained The camera has the ability not only to freeze time but also extend time for up to several minutes. A fast shutter speed can isolate a moment, while a slow shutter can morph and combine time, so the images becomes more than the sum of its parts.

While sharp photographs seem to be the pre-requisite of most camera clubs and competitions, the ability to create wonderfully blurred imagery, provided it is deliberate rather than accident, can add excitement and zest to your photography! The patterns created by long exposures are not the same as out of focus or shots or those suffering from camera shake, what we are talking about the capturing of movement, something that photographers have been doing since the dawn of photography.

Blur removes the static element from a photograph and allows our imagination to see the effect of time on the picture. Freezing action is not always the best way to depict a scene as they can lack atmosphere and loose something in the telling of the story.  So many of the subjects we photograph have motion, it’s just a matter of how we interpret it.

Kitty Fisher's insight:

Blur or motion photography has been a favorite of mine. It can fully capture the hustle and bustle of a city, the crazed adventures of nightlife or a storm thats about to unleahs its power. Figuring out that using a lower shutter speed can create a painting of an image, also just to capture the ghostly nature of passing lights, leaving a mark of tripped colors.

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10 Useful Digital Photography Tutorials for Beginners - Design Instruct

10 Useful Digital Photography Tutorials for Beginners - Design Instruct | Mobile Photography |

Are you a beginner looking for good digital photography tutorials? The great news for you is there’s plenty of free online tutorials and guides to help you get started with digital photography. In this article, I’ve put together 10 of the best beginner-level photography tutorials I could find. I also listed additional websites at the end where you can find even more beginner-level tutorials, guides, and blog posts on digital photography.

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