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Amazing time-lapse photography reveals mysterious behaviour of corals

Amazing time-lapse photography reveals mysterious behaviour of corals | Mobile Photography |
A scientist at the University of Queensland's Global Change Institute documented corals for five years to reveal their underwater activities.
Interesting Content's insight:

There is a lot that happens several hundred feet underneath the surface of the Great Barrier Reef. This interesting article contains a variety of time-lapse videos showing the life cycle of various organisms living in this unique coral reef.

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How To Shoot A Liquid Flow |

How To Shoot A Liquid Flow | | Mobile Photography |
Lilit Batikyan's insight:

I use a small plastic 5 liter aquarium filled to 3 cm. from the top with water. Only an area of about 8 cm. wide is used to take the pictures. After filling the tank with cold tap water, I wipe the front of the tank with a bundle of pipe cleaners to clean any bubbles sticking to the inside of the tank in the drop zone. Then I let the water settle for a couple of minutes to allow the tiny bubbles to dissipate. On the inside of the back of the tank I have some black plastic for the background which also stops any flash glare on the tank itself.

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